Motor Oil – Car – 5w40 C3 100% Synthetic

Next generation lubricants in which an intelligent formula adheres to the metal parts of the engine reducing the internal engine wear by 80% and reducing fuel usage by up to 20%.

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High- quality synthetic lubricant designed especially for new petrol and diesel VW Volkswagen TDI -PD equipped with direct injection, including Audi , Volkswagen, SEAT and Skoda cars. Meets the requirements for lubricating vehicles including meeting EURO IV and EURO V emission ratings in petrol and diesel engines that require the use of oils that meet ACEA C3 standard.

Engines compliant with EURO IV and EURO V systems are equipped with DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) achieving a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and thus contributing to environmental conservation .

The lubricant has some excellent lubricating properties to withstand the additional load from the direct injection unit increasing friction and reducing wear and resistance at higher temperatures.


  1. Excellent low temperature capabilities to allow starting in cold weather.
  2. Low oil deterioration properties and improved fuel economy contribute to less CO2 emissions.
  3. High detergent/dispersant. Excellent cleaning of all engine components.
  4. High anti-wear power. Increased engine life .
  5. Excellent stability at high temperatures because of its viscosity-temperature relationship.


  •  API: SN / CF
  • ACEA A312 -B412 -C312
  •  MB 229.52
  • VW 502.00 / 505.00 – 505.01
  • BMW Long Life-04
  • RENAULT RN 0700.0710
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