Thanks to the team Mellors Elliot Motorsport SORT products have landed in the United Kingdom, a team with a great experience in the world of rally and the development of racing cars.

Mellors Elliot Motorsport

Mellors Elliot Motorsport is a team based in the United Kingdom with a great experience in the preparation of cars for the competition. Since 1982 its main activity has been the design, construction and preparation of Rally cars.

Another of the main activities is the support to Rally teams, having participated in the World Rally Championship, British Rally Championship and national championships in Europe. Mellors Elliot Motorsport also supports other teams in different categories in the competition.

Palmares MEM

Proton Satria S2000

The concept was developed by a combination of innovative designs of engineering together with them 25 years of experience of the personal technical of the team.

With an attractive and aerodynamic package for the front bumper, wings, rear bumper and rear spoiler complimenting the eye-catching Satria design, the Proton S2000 can achieve in full rally trim the smallest frontal area and the lowest roof height in its class even at rally ride height settings. Driver and Co-driver seat positions are fixed at the rearmost possible mounting points to maximise the car’s weight distribution but with the pedal box and steering column both adjustable to suit different pilots. The MEM rollcage design uses 35 metres of lightweight Chrome Moly tube together with strategic body strengthening resulting in vastly improved torsional bodyshell stiffness and a no-compromise safety cell for the crew. The cleverly designed side crash protection bars are uniquely shaped to aid driver and co-driver access into and out of the car.

The 2 litre Proton Super 2000 engine is derived from the 1.8 litre engine fitted to Proton’s Waja model and has been further developed by MEM’s engineers to produce a reliable 278 bhp @ 7600rpm with a usable power band from 5,500 to 8,500rpm. Combined with the best 6-speed sequential 4WD Super 2000 transmission currently available, (the “532” version from market leaders Xtrac), the car sets new standards for engine performance and driveability.

Proton Satria Neo Super 2000 rally car

SORT is a technical sponsor of Mellors Elliot Motorsport, the confidence of the competition teams in our products has allowed to transfer to the products of the range of lubricants of SORT all the experience in the high competition.

From our competition department, SORT lubricants provides close support to the equipment technicians, developing and applying our engine lubricants to the demanding conditions supported by the vehicles of the equipments.

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